– Efficient Warehouse Management and Control

The management and control of warehouses (storage-logistics) including functions like

  • warehouse management
  • forklift control system
  • paperless picking
  • order tracking etc.

are well known factors for improving the business in large companies for a long time.

But these factors are even important for small and medium companies. Only recently small and medium companies become aware that applying these factors to the neglected business sectors goods handling and storage, will improve the supply quality and reduce costs.

Until now there was a lack of appropriate, affordable and easy to apply applications focusing on the optimization of warehouse logistics.

Our program for effective warehouse management and control closes this gap in particular for wood, flooring and wholesale building materials.


Our PDF document gives you a detailed insight about the use of our warehouse management and control application. PDF (ca. 3.5 Mb)

The functionalities of (warehouse management and control system) is complementary to existing ERP or production planning and control systems.

What are the advantages using

  • Improve the storage space utilization through effective allocation of storage items to boxes or spaces (both free space or fixed space assignment)
  • Minimization of the search effort in the warehouse by providing a systematic space identification and order
  • Increased efficiency in storage by controlling the forklift drivers and pickers in all activities
  • Monitoring the productivity of each employee in the warehouse
  • Increase inventory accuracy by systematic storage space related inventory management for all products
  • Reducing the error rate during the storage and picking by requiring consequent use of barcode and scanner technologies.
  • Easier and error free handling of incoming goods by scanning the supplier provided barcodes
  • Simplifying inventory control (sampling or total acquisition)
  • Each time visibility on the status of goods receipts and sales orders
  • Consistent use of EDI information (such as ASNs) from suppliers