Tourbo.view – Multi-User Visualization Tool

Tourbo.view expanded the program family Tourbo.route (tour system) and Tourbo.board (telematics system) to a multi-user visualization module.
It allows the graphical display of the tour results and optionally also the display of the current delivery status for all employees in the company, without requiring them to have himself installed additional programs on their computers. To display the information a web browser is sufficient (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.). The information may be provided on any network location available.

The result views (tour schedule, order pool) can be accessed across the network by any number of users at any times. Any changes made by the dispatcher on the tour, will be promptly updated (in adjustable time intervals) in the results file.

With Tourbo.view you always have an overview of the entire delivery pool, the unloading staions and the vehicles used. Efficiently used, Tourbo.view saves time and money and increases customer satisfaction.

The Functionalities of Tourbo.view

  • The display of information is always on a daily basis in the form of a summary page.
  • The following functions are offered to the user:
    • structured display of planned and unplanned jobs in the job pool
    • Display planned job on their time schedule
    • Display tour specific information
    • Displaying current status information of the delivery (optional)
  • In addition it is possible to display further information such as comments for the tour, all order ids for a specific unloading station, time frames, unloading times, weights and volumes by just hovering a block of the tour.
  • Structured display of unplanned jobs from the job pool:
    With one click it is possible to view the still unplanned orders of the specific day. The unscheduled orders appear grouped in 2-digit postcode areas and customer numbers.
  • In addition, the number of delivery locations and their summed shipment weight and volume are displayed. The information displayed for a unloading point can be freely configured.
  • By pointing the mouse at an unloading point, the underlying activity numbers (orders) are displayed with the associated weight, volume and the number of positions in an additional menu.
  • Orders with special features, such as time windows or with a crane required are specially highlighted for the viewer.
  • Additional information when using the telematics system Tourbo.board
  • If the telematics module Tourbo.board is used, it is possible to display ascertained times from the target / actual comparison (actual time of arrival, states). The current status of the delivery can be read from the bar just below the tour.

What are the advantages of Tourbo.view?

Increases planning ergonomics and improves the quality of planning of dispatchers
Planning results are easily justified due to their graphical presentation

Improve transparency
all employees - network-wide and across departments - have access to the current planning results

Improve customer service
sales department improves its validity and responsiveness towards the customer

Simplify archiving of the daily itinerary
Planning results are archived on a daily base as HTML and thus are available at any time

Use via web browser
no installation required. A Web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) is sufficient. The information is available on any computer in the network.

Product Reviews

"Using the transparency of Tourbo.view our internal processes were further optimized at our sites."

— Joachim Behrens, CEO Behrens - Holz & Bauelemente GmbH, Rotenburg

"Using Tourbo.view we eliminated internal enquiries from the sales department and made the fleet disposition a lot easier ."

— Patrick Jung, IT manager Fries GmbH, Kiel