Tourbo cut – Cutting Waste Optimization Program

At each client order for cutting timber, BSH (laminated timber) or KVH (structural timber) you have carefully answer the question of what lengths from stock are sufficient to ensure that as little cutting waste as possible is created. Secondly, the cutting waste has to be calculated to determine a total price for the sales order.

The cutting waste optimization program Tourbo.cut is an efficient and cost-effective software for the calculation and minimization of waste in tree length area and to strengthen customer loyalty, because the wholesalers can distribute the program with its own measures and lengths in an article database, which is than used for calculating their order requirements.


Our flash demo gives you an insight into the operation of the cutting waste optimization program Tourbo.cut.

Functionalities Tourbo.cut – cutting waste optimization

Input functions:

  • Input of the article and related dimensions
  • Entering the sawing losses
  • Enter the sales price per m³
  • Enter the quantity ordered for each dimension
  • Entering the customer data

Output information:

  • Optimal lengths of entires for the blanks
  • Determination of residues
  • Total consumption
  • Share cutting waste of contract
  • Total price of the customer's order