Your partner in logistics optimization

We, the Tourbosoft GmbH, have made it our goal to develop software to speed up and optimize the logistical business processes. We hereby became specialists for both simple and efficient logistics solutions.

The Tourbosoft GmbH was founded in 2000 by Dipl.-Ing. Martin Reinhardt. The experiences from the consultancy for projects in all areas of logistics were incorporated into the development of new software modules. Since its founding, our company grows continuously. We still offer consultancy services to our customers related to logistical issues and are always on the cutting edge. New requirements from existing or new customers or new trends in logistics are quickly adopted and sophisticated concepts are integrated in the development of our modules continuously.

We have tailored integrated systems for logistics in trade, industry and forwarders. Our optimization programs and algorithms can provide significant rationalization in the areas of the yard, warehouse and production.

Our modules allow mapping and optimizing of all parts of the logistical value chain. Our systems ensure complete transparency for all processes on the one hand and generate better planning result on the other hand, resulting in an optimized use of resources. In many cases the payback period for the investment in our systems is only a few months. And that at a qualitatively much more significant settlement of logistics tasks and more satisfied customers.

Our systems for route planning, telematics, warehouse management and control, delivery scanning and purchase optimization feature numerous "plug & play" interfaces to various ERP systems (ERP systems). Interfaces to systems that we have not yet connected, we can create quickly and individually in coordination with other system vendors.


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