Tourbo.avis – Automatic Communication with your Customers

„Speed ​​is not witchcraft“

— Johan Nestroy

This said, we found a way to communicate the estimated time of arrival of your delivery vehicles to your customers. Tourbo.avis: the interface for an automatic SMS, email or fax shipping notice for your customers.

The notification functions of Tourbo.avis are the latest addition to our tour system Tourbo.route.


Our demo (PDF file) provides an insight into the functionality of Tourbo.avis. Tourbo.avis PDF (ca. 1.3 Mb)

The functionalities of Tourbo.avis

In order to make a notification, first general configurations need to be made. Contact information (phone number, email address or fax number) for each customer can be added to Tourbo.route in combination with the desired type of notification.

Multiple types of notifications per customer are possible. Ie. The shipping notice may send an SMS and an email.

The notification may be conducted through your own SMS, fax or e-mail server or external service providers. If you do not have a server, you can, for example purchase certain volumes of SMS in "" with full cost control.

Furthermore, you have the ability to create your individual notification texts andusing placeholders. The placeholders can also be customized on request. Additionally delivery times can be passed as a rounded value.

By pressing a button you can send delivery notifications to all customers with respective notification configuration. If necessary customers can be excluded from sending shipping notifications and/or text modifications can be done. The type or types of notification is displayed per customer.

What are advantages of Tourbo.avis?

  • improved transparency
    uncertainty among your customers, if and when they receive the ordered goods, do not apply anymore because they receive an automatically generated message by email, fax or SMS to every delivery. Time-consuming inquiries to your sales accounts are considerably reduced.
  • increased planning security and customer satisfaction
    your customers know exactly when to expect your delivery vehicle and can adopt their work processes accordingly.
  • Added value for your customers at a low price
    automatic delivery notifications via an external service start at 4.6 ct / SMS. By connecting to existing internal communication service messages can be sent for free.

Transparency + speed = Your competitive advantage

Product Reviews

"We were able to offer our customers a further improvement of our delivery services with Tourbo.avis. The increased transparency improves customer satisfaction and relieves our office staff. "

— Christian Löffler, Burger Holzzentrum, Bäumenheim