Tourbo.route Tour planning software

In order to stay competitive today, digital route planning is considered as standard in every fleet disposition.

By using Tourbo.route you can plan more efficient tours, reduce fleet costs, increase transparency and reduce stress in the dispatching department



Easier and faster disposition without paper

  • by automating route planning with smart algorithms
  • fast calculation of different tour scenarios and
  • transparent overviews with individual filter and sorting options

Cost savings and optimal fleet utilization

  • by reducing distance and time during tours
  • even utilization of the vehicles and
  • reduction of the required fleet capacities



Better customer service and full transparency

  • by automatically considering the customer's preferred time slots
  • exact information about delivery times and dates
  • automatic sales information and customer notification with other Tourbosoft modules based on Tourbo.route

Markus Sandhack

„I was amazed at how many customers we could suddenly deliver to with a single tour. Our vehicle utilization improved significantly from the first day with Tourbo.route.“

Markus Sandhack, Managing Director Bauzentrum Sandhack in Schenefeld, Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)





Tour planning in operation

Europe's small, medium and large companies work efficiently and economically with Tourbo.route



By using Tourbo.route you can optimally plan all types of vehicles, particularly trucks. The implementation of Tourbo.route is already worthwhile from 3 vehicles. We also successfully digitize corporations with many locations and extensive logistics networks.

Tourbo.route in use:

Tourbo.route im Einsatz






Intuitive and convenient solutions make your disposition work easier

Disposition mit Tourbo.route

Tourbo.route was developed based on practical requirements. With this tool, you have access to a wide range of functions. Furthermore, the program is easy and intuitive to use and allows users to customize their interface according to their preferences.

Michael Reichel

„Thanks to the transparency that we have gained with Tourbo.route, we plan our tours more reasonably and significantly more efficiently. Especially across departments, we no longer drive unnecessarily from two warehouses to the same construction site.“

Michael Reichel, Managing Director IDV Dämmstoffe in Recklinghausen, NRW


Overview orders


Quick overview of all orders

Aufträge, Artikelpositionen und Karte

Detailed information about your orders and their order items are clearly arranged and can be found in one place. At a glance, you can view all addresses to be approached in the street map.


Individually adjustable information

Auswahl vorhandener Auftragsspalten

All columns can be customized so that you see exactly what you want.


Coloring of orders

Einfärben von Auftragszeilen

Order lines can be colored to give you an even better visual overview. This can be done manually or automatically by defining order conditions beforehand that will color a receipt during import if they apply.


Individually adjustable quick filters


Individuelle Filter für Aufträge

With a single click, you can filter orders so that you only see what is important at any given time. These filters can be customized by each user based on their specific requirements.


Improve customer addresses quickly


Adressen anpassen

In Tourbo.route you can manually adjust addresses. Address suggestions are provided by the assistant. Add, for example in case of new construction areas, the coordinates with a single click directly to the map. In the satellite view, you can see the entire area in detail.


Planning tours


With Tourbo.route you can plan your tours manually, automatically or semi-automatically. Various factors such as maximum tour durations, vehicle loading or unloading times, customer times windows and break intervals are automatically taken into consideration by the software.


Plan manually or semi-automatically


Manuelle Tourenplanung mit Drag and Drop

Tours can be created manually by dragging orders from the upper field and dropping them in the lower field to the desired tour position. Arrival times and estimated loads are immediately recalculated. During the planning process, the program will find the optimal tour sequence if you are planning several orders at once.


Tourenplanung mit Karte

You can use the map to select the orders to be scheduled. Orders and tours are clearly displayed there. In the planning shown here, the optimal tours are automatically put together for you in no time at all.


Planning automatically


Automatische Tourenplanung

Tourbo.route can also automatically plan a large number of orders into optimal tours in the shortest possible time. All previously set fleet restrictions are taken into account, as well as the specific order data.


Tours overview


All tour information at a glance



All relevant information about your planned tours are displayed compactly and clearly. In expandable levels you will find the information about vehicles, tours, tour items, orders and order items. The different columns can be individually customized. Among other things, you will be shown:

  • Tour date, departure, travel time, arrival, loading and unloading time, time slot, total tour time
  • Address and distances
  • Payloads such as weight and volume
  • Logistic requirements like forklift, crane, high crane; individually configurable
  • and more...





In the map you always have your tours and tour positions in view. Tours can also be filled or extended directly in the map by drag and drop.


Tour exceedings


Tourüberschreitungen von Zeit, Gewicht und Volumen

An alert is issued if a tour exceeds its time duration or the payload in terms of weight, volume, or length.


Time slot violations


Anzeige, wenn Zeitfenster nicht eingehalten werden

During manual planning, if the delivery time slots requested by the customer are not adhered to, this will be indicated. By automatically planning with Tourbo.route, time slots are taken into consideration.


Tour reference



So that you do not drive unintentionally with two tours to the same customer, a tour reference will alert you if this is planned in such a way.


Search and find


Schnelle Suche von Aufträgen

Using the quick search, you can immediately find any order - at the top in the unscheduled orders and at the bottom in the tours area. Nothing gets lost.


Release tours


Once your tours are planned, you can easily communicate your tours to others with just a few clicks.

Print tours for loading
Loading lists, including parking information, can be printed from Tourbo.route. Alternatively, you can also use Tourbo.scan to digitize the process.


Verladeliste aus Tourbo.route drucken


Print delivery bills in batch
No more sorting paper - automatically print your delivery bills in tour order after tour planning.


Lieferscheine in Tourreihenfolge ausdrucken

Send tours to vehicles
Send your tours to the appropriate vehicles with one click. With Tourbo.board, drivers are digitally connected to the tour planning.


Touren an Fahrzeug-App senden



Inform customers about arrival time

Send your customers delivery notifications with one click. Tourbo.avis keeps them informed at all times.


Individual programming

Individuelle Programmierungen

We have evolved Tourbo.route to be the feature-rich application it is today as a result of the needs and demands of our customers and industries. As we continue to develop it, we are also always open to the needs of our customers. As well as implementing logistically sensible ideas and wishes into the software, we also offer customized solutions. Feel free to contact us. Maybe this will even result in an 🠖 🠖 iMops 🐕 in the future, who knows ;).


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In a personal conversation we will take a look at our tour planning together and answer all your questions.

  • What does the software look and feel like?
  • How are my orders scheduled into tours?
  • What automation options are there? Where can I intervene manually?
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Interface to your enterprise resource planning

We connect any ERP system

There are plug-and-play interfaces available for several ERP systems. Our modern interface tools allow us to create other interfaces with little effort.

Our ERP interfaces


  • SAP
  • Navision
  • Prohibis
  • Infor
  • KAPS
  • Allgeier
  • Infokom
  • Unitrade
  • Bock
  • ÖkoBox
  • gevis
  • Comarch
  • TradeControl
  • Kfz PC
  • Microsoft Excel

Is your ERP system not included? Please feel free to contact us.

Connection to tour planning



Schnittstelle zwischen ERP und Tourbo.route


Orders relevant for your fleet are imported from your ERP system using the Tourbo.route interface. Picking slips are printed in the ERP system as long as the warehouse is not yet digitized (🠖 Warehouse management and control system Loading lists can be printed from Tourbo.route, indicating the storage locations of picked goods. By exporting the tours back to the ERP system, delivery bills can subsequently be printed in tour order.






Amortization already in a few months

Today, your company most likely also produces significantly more costs than necessary for fleet logistics. These unnecessary expenses are usually much higher than the purchase of our tour planning software Tourbo.route.

Martin Reinhardt

„Today's most successful companies in our industries relied on us and the digitalization with Tourbosoft early on. We are proud of that.

Martin Reinhardt, Founder and Managing Director of Tourbosoft


Costs and savings


We know from experience that investments made by our customers pay for themselves after just a few months. Cost savings due to faster and better utilization of your fleet are are usually 15 to 20 percent. This is confirmed by a study of the Holzring Association about digital dispatching with Tourbosoft modules over 15 locations.


Investment for Tourbo.route using the example of a delivering wholesaler

Geringe Investition für die Tourenplanung Tourbo.route.


Only a fraction of your savings is invested each year. Therefore, the payback period is well below 1 year.


Die Investitionskosten für Tourbo.route sind zu den Fuhrparkkosten sehr gering.


The costs incurred for the purchase of our tour planning are low, especially when considered together with the high annual fleet costs. The costs often no longer hold much weight due to the savings that can be expected, also you can receive a subsidy through the "De-minimis" support program.

However, your fleet costs will likely continue to increase in the future. Your risk and opportunity costs will further increase if you continue to pay for lost profits if your dispatching is not working optimally.


You should expect these cost ranges for the implementation of Tourbo.route

Kostenblöcke für ERP-System-Anbieter und Tourenplanung


At Tourbosoft you purchase a license for the Tourbo.route tour planning software program. We charge a monthly fee for updates, support, and maintenance. Single licenses can be booked additionally. Therefore, purchasing a license for multiple users possibly makes sense. It is possible to book additional depots if several warehouse locations are planned centrally in one disposition.


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Grants given

Reduce your Tourbo.route costs!

With Tourbosoft's products, your logistics business processes will be accelerated and optimized. By using them, you also increase road freight safety and reduce environmental impact. Germany subsidizes this with €2,000 per vehicle per year.

Therefore, take advantage now of the subsidy under the "De-minimis" support program, which supports companies engaged in the road haulage of heavy goods vehicles.

🠖 Further information from the Federal Office for Goods Transport


We analyze your potential




To provide you with an idea of how Tourbo.route could improve your route planning process we can perform a potential analysis for you.

For this purpose, we import your current tour data (e.g. from an Excel file) and schedule them with Tourbo.route. Based on different planning scenarios, we show you how high your savings potential would be with the use of Tourbo.route.






How in 2-3 months your dispo will work progressively

Integrating Tourbo.route digital route planning into your company is easier than you think. With of our many years of experience, you will soon be able to benefit from the future as well.


In 5 steps to the live start


1. Expert interview and online introduction

Schedule a non-binding meeting with us to discuss your current situation and our possible solutions. During a subsequent online appointment, we will show you the tour planning and other modules directly in the program. The experience will give you an idea of how you could work in the future. All of your questions, concerns, and wishes can be discussed in detail with us.


2. Offer and acceptance

We will send you an offer for the software modules you require. Your acceptance of the offer marks the beginning of your logistics' optimization and digitalization.


3. Preparation

Our team discusses all aspects of the system requirements, the interface connection, and training with you. Depending on your preferences, we can work out a project schedule that meets your needs.


4. Training

Our team comes to you and trains users and interested parties in digital route planning. The goal of the training is that you work directly afterwards with the route planning. There will be a transition phase in which you will continue working as you normally do while planning in parallel with Tourbo.route.


5. Live-Start

Your paper-based tour planning is coming to an end. You will only plan digitally with Tourbo.route, and you will love it. More Tourbosoft modules can be introduced.


Consulting included


Tourbosoft - Der starke Partner zur Optimierung Ihrer Logistik

We at Tourbosoft aim to use our software to lift your logistics into a modern, digital world. Therefore, we don't just hand you a software and expect you to understand it immediately. Our goal is for you to not only successfully integrate route planning into your operational processes and your everyday work within a short period of time, but also to enjoy its use and benefits for years to come. For this purpose, we will continue to be at your side in an advisory capacity.

We have over 20 years of practical experience in the field of route planning and the digitalization of the entire logistics in companies. This is something we would like to share with you. We are aware that every company and its employees are unique, so we adjust our approach accordingly. As a company, how do you operate?


Consultation before implementation

It would be our pleasure to advise you in detail about which software modules and functions will be most beneficial for your specific company. This is done according to the motto: Only as much software as you need, as much as necessary.

We also offer advice on optimizing your current workflows, if necessary. The sustainable introduction of route planning, for example, requires good interaction between document creation in sales and route planning in scheduling.

We advise you on all technical requirements to ensure that our software integrates correctly with your IT infrastructure. In addition, we discuss with you the possibilities and individual solutions for connecting your ERP system via the interface to Tourbo.route.


Advice during implementation

We train you in detail on the functions and workflows of your new digital route planning system. We adapt to the needs of your company and your employees. There is no one size fits all, and we understand that some people find Tourbo.route to be a blessing in their daily work, while others may need time to be gradually introduced to it first in order to gain a better understanding of its benefits.


Advice after implementation

We are available to you on-site and remotely, via telephone hotline, e-mail, online and offline. You should have all your questions answered, all ambiguities resolved, and all your wishes expressed. Additionally, we will keep you informed about future developments, new features, and updates of the software, and will be happy to assist you in planning for the introduction of further Tourbosoft modules.


We want you to see us not as merely one of many software service providers, but as a partner with whom you will create sustainable logistics in your company for the long term. Because we are...

Tourbosoft - Der starke Partner zur Optimierung Ihrer Logistik





The wide world of Tourbosoft

Digitalizing your entire logistics chain begins with route planning

With Tourbosoft, you also get a vehicle app from just one software provider, inform your sales department with live data about tour planning and the current delivery day, automatically notify your customers, control your entire warehouse without paper and much more.

Tourbosoft Modulkreis Tourbo.route


Connecting your fleet with Tourbo.board

Track your entire fleet live by sending your scheduled tours to your vehicles. You get full transparency on the current delivery status. The Tourbosoft app provides car and truck navigation and allows drivers to provide digital proof of delivery to the customer, such as a photo, signature, and comment.

More on Tourbo.board



Connecting your sales force with Tourbo.view

Your sales department can view the current status of route planning and delivery at any time. This reduces unnecessary communication with dispatch and allows you to provide better and faster information to your customers.

More on Tourbo.view



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