Tourbo.route – Route Planning System

Incoming and outgoing goods transports by own fleet or by foreign hauliers cause in many industries 20-40% of the companies directly controllable costs. For this reason the correct disposition of the vehicles operated with the aim to achieve optimal delivery service at a minimal cost is very important.

The route planning system Tourbo.route is an efficient and cost-effective software to manage and control the fleet, which meets all the specific requirements and conditions.
The tour system Tourbo.route is available as a standard solution for the transport of palletized goods, as well as industry solution for wood and building material wholesale.
Tourbo.route provides proven interfaces to ERP systems most commonly used already for wood, building materials, auto parts, metal and plumbing supplies wholesaler.

Adjustments to the individual requirements of other industries and programming interfaces to other ERP systems are possible without any problems.



Our demo (PDF) gives an insight into the functioning of the tour system. Tourbo.route PDF (ca. 5 MB)

The functionalities of Tourbo.route (route planning system)

The route planning system Tourbo.route has a variety of functions and features, but even though an easy to use surface. In daily use, the dispatcher can be overlooked from a single window of the entire program and operate.
Via a defined interface data, the delivery orders and necessary information about the customer and their delivery point are read from the ERP system.
The planning, that is the allocation of delivery orders to the tours is done through the use of optimization algorithms, including any conditions and restrictions, such as prohibitions on mixed loading, reduced delivery times to the customer, volume length and weight restrictions etc .. In addition to automatic planning algorithms, a manual compilation or manually changing the planned routes is also possible.

After planning the unscheduled orders with assigned routes and estimated delivery times are returned to the ERP system, every member of your company is able to get this information and is in the position to giv competent information for inquiries by the customer. With the route planning system Tourbo.route you always have an overview of the entire delivery orders, unloading station and vehicles of your company with all the information you requested. Used efficiently Tourbo.route saves time and money and produces an increased delivery quality.

In supporting the dispatcher through the program the following parameters are considered:


  • name customer, delivery point
  • fixed delivery days
  • address Delivery point
  • summary deliveries for an unloading point
  • time slots
  • customer-related costs statistics


  • spec. Weight (for product group)
  • spec. Volume (for product group)
  • value
  • prohibitions on mixed loading
  • max. Length


  • speeds
  • volume, weight capacity
  • unloading facilities timetables,
  • max. operating time per day (even multi-day tours)
  • idle time
  • vehicle-related costs statistics

Road network

  • distinction in BAB, federal highway, highway, city and ferry
  • assigning specific speeds
  • selection, to be dispatched whether the fastest or the shortest route


  • order weight
  • order volume
  • by order time slot
  • delivery on demand
  • redelivery
  • value of the order
  • delivery in calendar week
  • earliest delivery day


  • number of position
  • length and duration of the tour
  • transport weight and -volume of the tour
  • delivery time slot for each unloading
  • associated trucks and drivers
  • cost of the tour
  • creating a directions
  • graphical representations of tours

What are the advantages through the use of Tourbo.route (route planning system)?

1. Work to facilitate and support for dispatchers

  • Automating the actual tour by computerized compilation of unloading points for tours in consideration of truck capacity, max. Driving times, delivery time slots
  • Possibility for rapid calculation of different scenarios
  • Facilitate the management of delivery notes
  • Better control possibility by comparing the predetermined by the route planning system routes and times with the actual driven distances and times needed for this

2. Optimization of fleet deployment

  • The information collected by the tour system tours equalize the utilization of the vehicles operated fleet
  • Reduction of the required fleet capacity by about 15% by computerized scheduling algorithms, which optimize the use of vehicles
  • Generating a very detailed route list for the driver to unknown delivery points replaces the introduction of a navigation system

3. Improved customer service

  • Time exact specifications of the customer for the delivery of goods can be better maintained
  • Customers can be provided upon request, when the delivery is exactly expected
  • Due to the extreme shortening of the planning time for the assortment of tours, accepting service period for delivery the next day to the rear may be extended