Tourbo.board – Integrated Telematics System

Incoming and outgoing goods transported by your own fleet or by foreign delivery services cause in many industries 20 - 40% of the companies directly controllable costs. All the more important it is therefore to support the disposition of the vehicles operated with communicative aids to respond quickly to unexpected occurring situations.

The here described telematics system Tourbo.board is a fleet planning software coordinated with Tourbo.route (tour planning system) a overall solution for telematics interface for the fleet that meets all the specific requirements and conditions.

The telematics module Tourbo.board supports communication with the vehicles of the fleet. In a few steps you can connect your vehicles to the fleet headquarters and you will have numerous functions available.

For example, the communications are controlled with the drivers. On one hand you are able to send text messages to the drivers that they can then read on their on-vehicle on-board computer. On the other hand, the drivers have the ability to transmit messages to the fleet headquarters, which can then be read via the telematics system Tourbo.board.
It is also possible to hand over path and destination points to the on-board computer of the vehicle. On this basis, the driver can be guided on a truck-specific navigation system. About the position request, the dispatcher always has the opportunity to learn, where the vehicles currently are.

In addition a nominal-actual comparison is made on planned and driven tip. This opens the possibility to optimize the fleet planning program Tourbo.route by the specific parameters are being modified.



Our demo (PDF) gives an insight into the functioning of the telematic system. Tourbo.board PDF (ca. 2.5 Mb)

The functionalities of Tourbo.board (telematics system)

The telematics system Tourbo.board shows the vehicles of the fleet at a glance. With a few mouse clicks you connect your vehicles to the fleet headquarters, and have functions for communication with the vehicles available.

Communication with drivers is controlled by these functions. You can send text messages to the drivers that they can then read on their on-vehicle on-board computer. Likewise, the driver can send messages to the fleet headquarters that can then be read by the dispatcher.

It is also possible to transfer travel and destination points, which then lead the driver to the destination via the on-board navigation system. With the position inquiry, you can always find out where their vehicles are at the moment.

On different maps, the vehicles can be displayed graphically, saving you looking it up in a map.

In addition it allows the target / actual comparison between the actually traveled and the planned routes optimization of fleet planning program Tourbo.route (tour system). In addition to previously outlined functionalities you have to possibility to run tour-specific evaluations with our telematic-system Tourbo.board.

What are the advantages through the use of Tourbo.board (telematics system)?

1. Reduce costs, increase security

By integrating a telematics system can be largely dispensed with expensive phone calls. The current position data can be retrieved from the fleet headquarters at any time and displayed graphically in a map, without the driver is distracted by a phone call.

2. Improve Control

With the help of the telematics system the status of jobs can be constantly checked with the information sent back to the fleet headquarters.

3. Navigation

The driver no longer has to navigate on his own from one customer to the other. Using the truck-specific navigation as part of the telematics system, the driver can be guided on his tour. The tours need to be planned in advance in optimized Tourbo.route (tour planning). Here it is possible to plan vehicle specific routes, where parameters such as restrictions for trucks (eg. clearance heights and capacities of roads and bridges) are taken into account.

4. Optimizing Tourbo.route

The telematics system opens the ability to optimize fleet planning program Tourbo.route (tour planning) with a target / actual comparison between the actually traveled and the planned tours to, by the specific adjustment parameters being modified.