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First Hagebau company A&J introduces warehouse management with Prohibi's ERP system

With determination to succeed, the established company Andresen & Jochimsen in the timber wholesale business, based in Hamburg, has chosen our warehouse management and control solution This decision was made some time ago, as A&J was already successfully using Tourbo.route and Tourbo.board and was convinced of our comprehensive competence in the field of logistics software.

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Customized interface to the Prohibis ERP system

Despite the lack of an interface between Hagebau's Prohibis ERP system and our warehouse management system, A&J was not dissuaded by The company commissioned custom programming from Hagebau, which was carried out by an external service provider and received approval from Hagebau to implement interfaces and extensions to the ERP system. enables paperless goods receipt and optimized processes with MDE devices

With the completion of the interface, A&J immediately began processing paperless goods receipt using MDE (mobile data entry) via The process was quickly implemented in almost all areas of the warehouse.

Subsequently, the preparation and loading as well as the delivery note printing for the orders of the pick-up customers were carried out directly via the MDE device. In this process, A&J already introduced the signature capture of the pick-up customer on these devices some time ago.

In a further step, the booking of material requirements in the cutting center was carried out via MDE device, which made it possible to carry out inventory bookings in the ERP system without documents.

Finally, the last process was implemented, which included the pre-picking of the more complex delivery orders as well as the entire tour picking and loading via MDE device.


Challenges during the implementation process

During the implementation process, the ERP processes presented a challenging hurdle, as the individual programming had only limited influence on the standard of the system. Solutions had to be found here to be able to map special processes without changing the standard of the ERP system.

Despite a significantly extended project duration, A&J and Tourbosoft successfully mastered this challenge in joint cooperation. convinces with unique selling proposition - connection to automatic area warehouse

The company A&J has enthusiastically chosen for various reasons. In addition to the well-known advantages of a warehouse management system, such as transparency in all warehouse processes, inventory security and optimized processes, our many years of experience in the timber wholesale industry played a decisive role.

In addition, A&J is facing a special milestone - the commissioning of an automated area warehouse in the fall of 2023. There is great anticipation for this new warehouse infrastructure, as it will bring numerous advantages, which will be further enhanced by the connection to our warehouse management system.

In today's age of advancing digitalization, the linking of a warehouse management system with an automated area warehouse is becoming increasingly important. Companies that want to meet the increasing demands of the market and achieve a decisive competitive advantage are increasingly relying on this modern solution in warehouse logistics.

The possibility of linking to an automated area warehouse is a unique selling point of and reinforces A&J's decision to work with Tourbosoft.


Software solutions from a single source

A&J already uses almost all modules of Tourbosoft. After the commissioning of the automatic area warehouse, label printing from is also planned, followed by unloading scanning by the driver using the Tourbosoft app. The corresponding module has already been purchased and will be used in the near future.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Andresen & Jochimsen for their trust in our products and the many years of cooperation. We are pleased that together we were able to successfully optimize warehouse logistics and implement future-oriented solutions. We are looking forward to a continued successful cooperation and will be at your side with our dedicated team also in the future!


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