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Holz Roeren changes warehouse management and introduces in record time

Holz Roeren in Krefeld, a leading family business in timber wholesale, now relies on warehouse management and control to optimize their warehouse management and increase efficiency. Within just two months, their existing system was successfully replaced.

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No risk when replacing a legacy system in a big bang

A system changeover can involve considerable risks, especially when it comes to replacing large and established systems with numerous interfaces.

Nevertheless, Holz Roeren successfully mastered this challenge and carried out the live launch of on July 3, 2023. With targeted support from Tourbosoft, the previous warehouse management system Allgeier LVS was replaced in a challenging big bang in the course of the changeover. Thus, the new digital warehouse system was introduced at the scheduled time with the full range of functions. took over all warehouse processes that had previously been handled by the old system. This was completely switched off at the same time.


Changeover for the connection of an automatic warehouse

The decision to change over was influenced by various factors. On the one hand, the previous warehouse management system was no longer supported, making a changeover inevitable.

In addition, Holz Roeren is planning an automated area warehouse, which is to be implemented this year. enables the connection of the area storage to the digital warehouse control as well as a practical display and thus ensures a fully integrated solution.


Smooth changeover process

Over the weekend, the inventories were seamlessly integrated into the new system and successfully imported. All warehouse processes are now mapped via and work flawlessly.

This seamless transition is the result of a committed and motivated collaboration of the project team. All processes were carefully discussed and tested in order to identify and overcome potential challenges at an early stage. This thorough preparation of all parties involved contributed significantly to the successful course of the project.

Everyone involved is extremely satisfied with the smooth running and functionalities of the new warehouse management system.


Tourbo.dash in use, Tourbo.route is in the starting blocks

In addition, Holz Roeren now also benefits from warehouse dashboards, which provide a real-time overview of the processing status of all orders and deliver important key figures for analysis.

The successful test phase of the tour planning software Tourbo.route also convinced Holz Roeren. The company is now planning the changeover in order to benefit from the additional functions and efficiency gains. In particular, the intuitive operation and the map dialog have left a positive impression at Holz Roeren and are perceived as a significant improvement compared to the tour planning software currently in use.


Digitalization with one provider

Holz Roeren prefers software solutions from a single source instead of different solutions and interfaces from different providers. This unified approach enables seamless integration and efficient collaboration between the different systems.

We would like to thank Holz Roeren for their trust in our software solutions and congratulate them on a successful live launch of!


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