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Warehouse trends: Tourbosoft visits logistics trade fair LogiMAT

LogiMAT in Stuttgart, a leading trade fair for intralogistics and process management, was once again an important event for the logistics industry this year. Tourbosoft was there to be informed and inspired by the latest trends. Our focus was on the possibilities of integrating new innovative technologies into our software systems and thus developing customized solutions for our customers.

The warehouse becomes autonomous

The advancing automation in the warehouse through driverless transport systems (AGVs) was fascinating. Whether autonomous forklift trucks, reach trucks or picking robots, these vehicles are able to detect their surroundings, recognize obstacles and navigate autonomously in order to transport goods within a warehouse.

The challenge for Tourbosoft lies in integrating and controlling the autonomous vehicles. "These technologies promise increased efficiency and precision in warehouse processes and will find their way into our wholesale delivery sectors over the next five years," predicts Tourbosoft Managing Director Martin Reinhardt.

evoBOT transport robot on just two wheels: pushing, pulling, handing and turning logistical goods at variable heights
See the innovative robot in action here

The warehouse as a digital twin and improved logistics processes with location data

Tourbosoft is working on the digital 3D replication of physical warehouses as an extension to the warehouse management and control system. This allows goods and warehouse movements to be tracked in real time on the monitor and important key figures such as fill levels and access frequencies to be visualized.

At LogiMAT, Tourbosoft received interesting impulses for location-based solutions for in-house tracking. These options recognize the Bluetooth signal from mobile scanning devices in warehouses, register the location and display it in real time in the digital warehouse twin.

Options for determining the real-time location of goods and forklifts in the warehouse with Bluetooth and display on the monitor

Automated goods receipt with camera systems

Another highlight was the integration of camera systems for the automatic identification of incoming goods. Tourbosoft informed themselves about innovative technologies that make it possible, for example, to recognize the exact position of an item on a mixed pallet.

With the control of our warehouse management system, subsequent storage of the goods by robot technology will be possible in the future.

Camera systems for automated goods receipt detect the exact position of the goods on the load carrier

A small logistical highlight of the trade fair was also our Managing Director Martin Reinhardt himself, who was out and about in the spacious halls on his "Martin-Mobil" and attracted many interested glances at himself and his practical industrial truck.

Personal industrial truck "Martin-Mobil"


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