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Vehicle parts retailer Heil & Sohn introduces route planning software

After an extensive market research, A.-W. Heil & Sohn GmbH & Co KG found the optimal software solutions for the demanding requirements of daily route planning and multiple deliveries with our route planning software Tourbo.route and our corresponding vehicle app. The successful launch at the location in Hamelin marks the start of a promising collaboration and a future rollout to all locations is already being planned.

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Die A.-W. Heil & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Hanover, is a wholesale company for motor and commercial vehicle spare parts and accessories with an impressive network of 23 locations in northern, eastern and central Germany.


Vehicle parts wholesale: Industry has recommended Tourbosoft

As a vehicle parts dealer, multiple deliveries are made every day, organized according to a system of time slots and time windows. The dynamic planning of tours, caused by extremely tight throughput and picking times as well as narrow time windows for picking and deliveries, results in considerable time pressure and poses a demanding challenge for dispatching. In addition, the short throughput and picking times as well as the changing ordering behaviour of customers often lead to an uneven load on the vehicles, which can result in under- or overloading.

During an extensive market research, Heil & Sohn came across our tour planning software Tourbo.route and recognized it as the right solution for their specific requirements. The decision to implement the software was made after an in-depth exchange with the car parts industry and the Carat purchasing association. Heil & Sohn was also encouraged in their decision by the positive experiences and recommendations of other Tourbosoft users.


Logistics requirements in the vehicle parts trade: Tourbosoft route planning software solves them best

With the introduction of Tourbo.route, the company's route planning has now been digitized and automated. Tourbo.route simplifies dispatching by quickly adapting to last-minute changes and spontaneous orders, combined with increased flexibility and a transparent overview of orders and tours.

A decisive factor in Heil & Sohn's selection of Tourbo.route was the optimal functions and application options for day-to-day business operations in the vehicle parts trade. Tourbo.route stood out in particular due to the effective use of time slots, a function that other software providers do not offer. Orders are bundled within these time slots during route planning. An automatic batch calculation algorithm then plans several routes simultaneously based on various parameters. This not only optimizes the routes, but also ensures an even distribution of vehicle utilization.

These functions of Tourbo.route are particularly relevant for the daily operations of car parts retailers. They efficiently manage and simplify the fast-paced nature of this business.


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Introduction of telematics and load scanning: further digitalisation of vehicle parts retailer logistics

By using Tourbo.board, Heil & Sohn lightens the workload of their drivers thanks to the integrated telematics app. Drivers used to use conventional navigation systems to plan their routes independently and enter the destination addresses manually. This leads to inefficient routes and additional workload. The integrated telematics system removes the need to enter destinations manually. Current roadworks, traffic jams and truck restrictions are automatically taken into account and displayed in the Tourbosoft app to calculate the fastest route to the destination. Find out why many of our customers switch from their navigation system to the Tourbosoft app HERE.

In the future, the Tourbosoft app will be expanded to include the functions of our Tourbo.scan loading and unloading scanner to enable goods to be secured and delivery to be confirmed digitally with a signature and photo.

With our digital proof of delivery, a digital document with all delivery information can be created automatically and without additional effort - an efficient process for customer receipts, invoicing and archiving.


We would like to thank Heil & Sohn for their trust and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration!


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