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New smart functions for the driver app

Telematik und Navigation Tourbosoft App

Necessary update until March 31!

Please update the Tourbosoft app on your mobile devices. After March 31, the map provider HERE will discontinue the service for old versions. Without an update to the new version 6.1, navigation will be restricted.

You can find detailed information on the individual new features in our Tourbosoft App Highlights. The most important new functions of the driver app are summarized for you below.

Update of the HERE map Improved navigation

Telematik und Navigation Tourbosoft App

Better quality and accuracy of map data

More detailed information on roadworks and closures

Visually more modern and display of points of interest

New info button More customer information for the driver

Telematik und Navigation Tourbosoft App

Delivery instructions and information texts for the driver

Weight, volume and dangerous goods points

Delivery time window requested by the customer

One paper less again Send your customer's location sketches digitally to drivers

Telematik und Navigation Tourbosoft App

Instead of printed paper with arrival and unloading information

Upload document and add URL to order

Driver opens URL by tapping on new document button



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