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NEW: Warehouse dashboards for full transparency

View the current status of your warehouse processes live


With warehouse dashboards you have full transparency


1. Goods receipt Dashboard

• Total overview of goods receipt orders

• Track utilization in goods receipt

• Graphical display for quick overview



2. Picking Dashboard

• Picking progress at a glance on the wall and workstation

• Detailed view of tours, orders and positions

• Current utilization of individual storage areas



3. Loading Dashboard

• Monitor live progress of loading

• Overview for shippers of upcoming tours

• Identify open processes



4. Pick-up Dashboard

• Monitor for your customers

• Processing status of the pickup orders

• Indication of when goods are ready for collection



Digital visualization of your warehouse

With the most important key figures in real time

Efficient control of your warehouse and identify need for action

Shorter yard times of your vehicles and collectors


For warehouse management and control



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